Easter Flowers Bloom Twice

Martin’s Garden Notes

Easter is a wonderful time of year with the world waking up and nature’s rebirth becoming so evident. One gratifying activity is planting your Holiday flowers in the garden to enjoy them again next year.

When the flowers are faded snip off the blooms and keep the plant in a sunny window until you can plant it. This year with  a late Easter, the plants can be set in the garden as soon as the flowers have faded. For all plants, add a little bulb food as directed on the package. Tulips would like a little lime as well. Plant the bulbs so as not to disturb the roots and plant them 4-5 inches deeper in the ground than they are in the pot. Leave the foliage on each plant until it has faded. Lilies, including Easter Lilies often bloom again in the fall.

Most azaleas and hydrangeas are not winter hardy but can be grown outside over the summer and brought inside as late as possble but before it gets below 30 degrees. They will bloom sometime in the late winter.