Summer Blooms

Martin’s Garden Notes

You can create a garden with many shrubs and even trees that will display blooms for most of the summer. In general, most shrubs will bloom for 3 to 4 weeks. With attention to blooming period, the blooms will come in succession.
We are mostly all aware of the blooming potential of Hydrangeas but adding Spirea, Potontilla, Russian sage and maybe a Crepe Myrtle your garden can have something blooming all summer and into the fall.
Crepe Myrtle can grow into a small tree that blooms in August. Spirea comes in pink, purple and white with some varieties having gold foliage. If you trim off the spent blooms it will continue to bloom all summer. Potontilla comes in white, pink or gold and can be treated in the same way.
Russian sage is light lavender while bluebeard is dark lavender-blue. Removing spent blooms will extent their blooming potential as well.
Be aware that all of these plants are bare of leaves in the winter so should be used where winter appeal is not important.

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