Fall Vegetable Gardening

Martin’s Garden News

The veggie season is far from over if you want to keep harvesting vegetables well into fall. As you clear out an area that has produced all it can, turn it over and plant Lettuce, Broccoli,Caililower,Collards,Kale and Cabbage. These will produce very well until we have a very hard freeze. You can also sow  spinach for harvest this fall and plant enough to leave over the winter for harvest in early April. You can also be successful sowing mesclum mix for a great addition to your salads.

With any luck you can sow carrots and beets and have them to harvest well after frost. Cover them with straw to protect from frost.

In areas of the garden that you don’t intend to replant, plant a cover crop of oats by mid September. If you clear out an area later, it is best to sow rye.  Just be aware that rye will live through the winter and must be turned under early in the spring as it will quickly grow to four feet tall. Both covers will store nutrients that you will turn back into the soil in the spring and will prevent erosion. 

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