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Thank you for visiting us at “In The Garden”. We are really excited about this because it offers two chances to not only read very interesting articles here by very knowledgeable people but also information on a great publication as well.

Mr. Andrew Locke publisher of Rhode Island Home & Design has given us permission to bring to you information that otherwise you may not have been aware was available to you. “In the Garden” is a feature in Rhode Island Home & Design and Mr. Locke allowed us to reproduce it for you. Take a look at this link to Rhode Island Home & Designs’ web site Enjoy your read and if you would like to contact Rhode Island Home & Design all the information is on their site. Again we would like to thank Mr. Locke for his articles.

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Gardening Tips/Martin’s Garden Notes

Thank you for visiting our “Gardening Tips“ section of our web site. As you can see we have tried to bring you very interesting and informative articles. In our efforts to offer only the best quality information we are pleased to have top quality businesses agree to share their knowledge with all of us.

Mr. Martin VanHof owner of The Island Garden Shop Inc which is located at 54 Bristol Ferry Rd. Route 114 in Portsmouth R. I. 02878 , also on the shores of Narragansett Bay. Mr. VanHofs’ garden shop is a “must stop” when you are in the area as all the locals do. The staff at the garden shop is knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you may have. Call them @ 401-683-2231 or better yet check out their web site Again we would like to thank Mr.VanHof for allowing us to share with you his most interesting articles

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