Container Gardening

Martin’s Garden Notes

Container gardening is a way to enjoy the pleasures of gardening when you do not have the space or inclination to garden in your yard. It allows you to have flowers, herbs and vegetables up close to where you enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few tips.
Choose good sized containers. The increased volume of larger pots provides extra room for the plant’s roots.
Choose a soil mix that is well drained but high in moisture holding ingredients like peat moss. Porous containers such as terra-cotta, wood, and moss lined baskets allow the container to breathe, thereby keeping roots cooler and providing oxygen for the roots. Make sure your containers have drainage holes.
A ready source of moisture and nutrients is critical to produce good growth. Two products that help greatly are Osmocote, a slow release fertilizer, and Soil Moist, a material that increases the water holding capacity of your containers. mix these materials in your soil mix for superior performance.
When choosing plants, combine contrasting colors for an eye catching display, or use related colors for a more subtle effect. Many vegetables like lettuces, parsley, or even cabbages make attractive container plants to add to your flowers.

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