Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now

Matin’s Garden Notes

Tulips and daffodils are very well known and popular flowering bulbs they offer a welcome addition to any garden.

Alliums (onion relatives) are quite a diverse group that range from the giant purple allium to the small rock garden allium molly. They range in height from 3 feet to only 6-8 inches. Most bloom quite late.

Bulb sfor the woodland setting are all very early bloomers so they are finished by the time the leaves come out on the trees. Siberian squill, chionadoxa and crocus are good subjects for under trees.  The long term success of bulbs on the north side of the house or where the shade is year -round is not good. There is just not enough sun power to grow new bulbs every year.

It’s great fun to pot up some bulbs for winter blooms, in the house. Tulips, all types of daffodils, and hyacinths are good subjects for this effort. Plant the bulbs in pots with 5-10 bulbs per pot, water well and keep they will get normal winter outdoor temperature. A bulkhead is a perfect place for this. Alternatively, set them on the ground in a protected location and cover with about a foot of  loose straw. You can start bringing them into the heat of the house starting about 12 weeks. There is nothing more cheerful than spring blooms on your windowsill in the dead of winter.