Get Ready for Spring

Martin’s Garden Notes

We are all itching to get back into the garden so now is the time to start cleaning up. Be careful as you rake as some of the tender shoots of perennials and bulbs are beginning to poke up.

Roses sould be pruned down to about 8-15 inches. Remove old woody parts and small twiggy branches leaving strong green canes. Climbers should be managed differently so stop in to your local Garden Shop and pick up a sheet on pruning roses. Fertilize the first of April and follow directions on the fertilizer package. Garden Shop plants should be arriving soon. Perennials are making their way out of the green houses.

At this early date, most blooming plants are just too tender to st outside just yet but Pansies and Daffodils as well as several other plants are tough enough to thrive with cooler temperatures. Should it freeze, these plants will take it in stride and pick up when the temperature moderates.