Planning your landscape

Martin’s Garden Notes

When trying to lay out your landscape, it works best to draw the space on a good size paper to scale. It lets you see the relationship of the various parts of the property to each other.

Start by understanding the function of each space and how they are going to be used. Entry areas are seen year ’round so they need to look good all the time, so choose plants that have leaves or needles for winter or summer. For confined spaces choose dwarf plants.

Back yard areas are not seen as much so deciduous shrubs that bloom in the summer like Hydrangeas and Rose of Sharon might be good choices. Add plants that have winter interest that can seen from the house if you have room. Winterberry, a native  shrub has bright red berries most of the winter offers early arriving birds some food before insects become available. Witch hazel (Arnold’s Promise ) blooms from mid-February most years for an early sign that winter is ending soon.