The Joys of Perennials

Martin’s Garden Notes

Perennials, plants that return every year, offer forms and blooms that can’t be found with annuals. With perennials, the garden becomes more dramatic and colorful each year, with out replanting. The challenge is to have a long season of bloom with the understanding that each variety provides a few weeks of bloom. This makes for a garden that offers a changing look from week to week all season long.

While annuals have their place in the garden to bring all season bloom,perennials offer shapes and flowers that annuals can’t. The graceful display of Bleeding Heart or the elegance of Japanese Iris can’t be found in an annual.

Perennials, being more or less permanent residents in the garden should be prepared for fairly deeply with lime, compost and modest amount of fertilizer. This preperation will support growth and bloom for years to come.

As the hot summer weather comes, watering is helpful. Water deeply on a 7-10 day schedule to keep the plants happy. Mulch will aid in keeping weeds at bay and moisture conserved.