Holiday Plant Care

Martin’s Garden Notes

Poinsettias are not toxic and are very easy to keep. Just give them  a few hours of direct sunlight and keep them evenly moist. A little fertilizer( 20-20-20 soluble)twice a month will help maintain good color. Night time temperatures is best at just below 60 degrees. Select yours from our nice selection grown here at island Garden Shop, Inc.
Cyclamen also like a sunny window to keep blooms coming. The trick to these elegant plants is to keep them away from the heat. Warm days and chilly nights kep them in good shape. Cyclmen can bloom until the weather warms in late spring. Don’t allow to wilt.
Christmas Cactus also like it cool. Hot dry conditions will often result in the loss of flower buds. Trim them back after blooms finish if necessary and keep them outside in the summer in mostly shade until the temperature dips into the 30’s. You can root the pieces you trim off just by sticking them in potting mix.
Get a quick start with Amaryllis bulbs by finding a very warm spot (75-78 degrees) to get them going. Once growing they can come into your living space with good sunlight.
Starting paperwhite narcissus bulbs is very popular. One trick is to store bulbs you want to start later in a warm place while a cool place is best to get them started. Grow them in a brightly lit location with night temperatures around 50-55 degrees.