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Barbecue Safety Tips

Most gas grills produce considerably less heat than the average charcoal grill, so look for a model with burners placed close to the cooking grate

Consider how often and how much you'll be grilling. If you rarely cook for more than two people, you'll want to look into a small, portable model. But if you like to entertain for lots of family and friends, then make sure the grill you're considering will hold at least 10 burgers or chicken breasts at once.

Pay attention to quality, even if you'll use your grill only onsummer holidays or occasional weekends. A cheap grill won't last and will likely be so frustrating to use that you won't even want to light it up.

Think about storage. If your region gets extreme weather, you won't want to leave your grill uncovered in the elements. Make sure the grill will fit in your shed if that's where you plan to store it.

Use your grill at least 15 feet from any building, door, window or car to lessen the danger from fumes and accidental fire

Light the fire and leave it alone. Poking the briquettes or lava rocks can cause explosive pockets of gas to form.